Te Whaariki

Our New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum “Te Whaariki” is what governs our teaching in early Childhood.

The principles and strands are what guides us as teachers to work alongside your child to plan and extend on their learning. This curriculum looks at the child holistically and provides the basis for consistent high quality education. This curriculum covers the education and care of children from birth to school age and clearly reflects the concept of learning as a lifelong process that begins at the very start of life.

The four foundation principles:

1. Empowerment – Whakamana

Empowers the child to learn and grow.

2. Holistic Development – Kotahitanga

Reflects on the holistic was children learn and grow.

3. Family and Community – Whanau Tangata

The wider world of family and community is an integral part of the early childhood curriculum.

4. Relationships – Nga Hononga

Children learn through responsive and reciprocal relationships with people, places, and things.

These principles of Te Whaariki guide us in our daily teaching and from these principles the standards and goals are developed for each individual child’s learning outcomes.


At Jigsaw preschool we believe that all children have the right to healthy, delicious and nutritious food. Our on-site cooks provide fresh healthy food daily that changes with the seasons, we provide lunch, morning and afternoon tea and a late snack.

On enrolment please inform us of any allergies and/or cultural requirements so we are able to meet your child’s needs. As we promote healthy nutrition we ask you that you do not send your child along with fizzy drinks or juice as we are a water/milk only centre.

Our menu is displayed in the foyer for all families to view.

“To grow up as competent and confident learners and healthy in mind, body, and spirit, secure their sense of belonging and in the knowledge that they make a valued contribution to society.”